Waiting List Policy

Why do swimmers get placed on FrogzLegz Swim School Waiting list?

When we are unable to offer an place in an appropriate swimming class we will add the swimmer's name on to the waiting list for that class.

How do the waiting lists work?

Enquiries will be added onto the class waiting list along with the date your enquiry was made.

Each waiting list is maintained in date order. It is possible to find out the current place on the waiting list, although the time until a place is offered has as much to do with spaces becoming available as swimmers waiting to fill them.

What happens when a place becomes available?

When a place becomes available we contact families in order via email (earliest enquiries first).

We appreciate families have busy lives and also that some families place children on waiting lists at different swim schools, taking the first opportunity that comes along. Unfortunately due to the delay in (or absence of) replies from some families it is not feasible for us to work though waiting lists one-at-a-time. We instead send out 3-5 emails at a time.

Further Questions of Queries?

Please feel free to email us