The Creator

Gary has been making learning to swim fun for over 25 years. He still gets a huge buzz from finding enjoyable ways to help adults and children learn to swim. He launched FrogzLegz due to a growing awareness of the huge numbers of adults and children unable to swim and a desire to do more to help. 

He specialised in Sports Biomechanics whilst gaining his Physical Education degree from Loughborough University. His passion for helping people discover and utilise their physical abilities to enrich their lives would lead him to become a PE teacher and eventually a Director of Sport in a School for 4-18 year olds. He has taught swimming since he was 16.

Gary has learned that fear, self-doubt and other negative feelings are a much bigger barrier to learning to swim than an initial lack of technique. The development of all FrogzLegz products & services are guided this knowledge.

FrogzLegz is one of the biggest adventures of his life* and a product of many years of study, research, teaching experience, user feedback, laughter and tears. 

*Gary is also a husband and father of two amazing boys