Lesson Cancellation

Thursday 18th May 2017

Due to staff shortage, we are going to have to Cancel the following Classes on Thursday 18th May 2017. 


4:30pm Barracudas1 (ASA Stage3) 

5:00pm Barracudas2 (ASA Stage3)

5:30pm Tadpoles2 (ASA Stage1)


We are sure that many of you are as disappointed by this as we are.


We will be crediting all families’ accounts with one week worth of lessons and deducting this from your next payments. As we have yet to send out invoices for the next block of lessons (Summer #2), these invoices will be altered to reflect this change.


If you are one of the growing number of families who pay by Direct Debit please let us know at contact@FrogzLegz.com if you would prefer a refund or a credit to your account.


We regret the short notice and any inconvenience caused.

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