A video introduction to FrogzLegz Breaststroke Kick Swimming Aids.

The above video was recorded on 18th July 2015.  The series of participants had signed up to participate in a single swimming lesson of 20-30 minutes using FrogzLegz swimming aids to help improve their swimming of Breaststroke in particular.

As you will see from the video, participants knew little about the FrogzLegz devices and some had not even met us in person before. They came to the session with a wide range of abilities. They all made progress on the areas they had hoped to improve upon, from overcoming fear of water, to correcting screw-kicks to refining already competent Breaststroke kicks to allow them to undertake more challenging swimming adventures.

We will let you judge for yourself how that made them feel and how many of them can now say #iCanSwim after literally a few minutes using FrogzLegz.

If you have any questions regarding FrogzLegz, please get in touch.



We are very grateful for everyone's participation, including ThreeMotion for their work on producing the video for us and the Royal Grammar School, Newcastle for the use of their wonderful swimming pool.