Why create a breaststroke kick swimming aid?

...surprisingly is a question I very rarely get asked. People who hear about FrogzLegz so far have fallen into one of two camps...

1) OMG I've been looking for something that will remove the pain of trying to sort out  someone's Breaststroke.

A random selection of used and unused FrogzLegz

A random selection of used and unused FrogzLegz

Correcting Breaststroke screw kick is one of the toughest challenges I have ever experienced in over two decades involvement in the teaching and coaching of a range of sports. I know from talking to other teachers that this is their experience too. If you happen not to make the correct movement initially the chances are you will adopt some kind of leg movement that is based on Quadricep power and all kinds of remedial actions using the rest of your body to stay afloat.

2) INDIFFERENCE: some people simply "get" breaststroke leg kick via traditional methods, some people couldn't care less and get on with their lives.

Because if you are one of the lucky ones who adopt the correct action straight away, breaststroke kick is really powerful and you will soon be gliding through the water using correct technique.

So to cut a long story short... there are a lot of people who fall into the first camp who can very quickly and easily become one of those in the second camp.