If you have any questions that remain unanswered, please let us know. We will get back to you as soon as we can and will update this page accordingly... please don't think any question is too silly as we have previously overlooked some fairly obvious questions do to our familiarity with the way we do things.


How much are lessons?

Currently lessons start at £11 per week (£25 for Adult 1-2-1 classes)


How do I pay?

We offer various super quick and stress-free methods of payment including online and physical systems. We get a lot of positive feedback from families about how much they appreciate how this has simplified their lives! Lessons are paid for in blocks of 5-7 weeks (depending on the school calendar term) in advance of the first lesson.


When does the next Block of lessons commence and what are the dates?

Please GO HERE for a list of dates


What are the class sizes?

Whilst we can give a general guide, it's impossible for us to be precise with an answer as we alter this to ensure adequate attention and swimmer progress in response to the unique needs of swimmers in each class. Generally swimmers in the earliest stages of learning to swim are in the smallest groups. We keep our class sizes small enough to ensure lots of opportunity for teacher attention. Additionally we employ additional teachers in the water to allow for even greater individual attention. 

We have some classes that are virtually one-to-one ratios and others (only ever classes of high level swimmers) where there may be up to ten swimmers in a class.


Where are the lessons held

More information on the Venue is available if you GO HERE


What time do the various lessons run?

Please GO HERE to find out the times for the current Term's Lessons. We are introducing new classes all the time to cater for demand and offer parents' "scheduling options". 


What is the "National Learn to Swim Framework"?

FrogzLegz Swim School is affiliated with Swim England who are the National Governing Body for Swimming in England. We follow their Learn To Swim Framework as the core of our programme.